This Thursday the INDEC (National Institute of Statistics and Censuses) published its most recent report on wages: in the month of October the general salary index registered growth of 5.1% compared to September, while inflation in that month was 6.3%. This means that salaries lost to inflation despite having advanced compared to the previous month.

Salaries do not win either in the interannual comparison and in the accumulated of the year: respectively the advance was of 80.7% and 69.5% in each casewhile inflation was in those periods of the 88% and 76.6%. “The monthly growth is due to increases of 5.3% in the registered private sector, 6% in the public sector and 3.1% in the unregistered private sector” They pointed out from the agency.

From the Government they expected that salaries would exceed inflation during 2022, but the reality seems to be different. Given this, it is estimated that the real increase in earnings is 2.9% in the universe of registered private workers.

However, unregistered informal workers continue to be the most affected: in year-on-year terms, registered private workers increased by 83% and public workers by 82.2%, while unregistered private workers rose by barely 70.7%.

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