During June, salaries increased by an average of 4.8%, while the rise in prices was 5.3%, which represents a loss in purchasing power of 0.5 points. Unlike previous months, the deterioration was observed in both private and public sector wages.

Faced with this situation, the national government will convene business entities and workers’ representatives next week to seek an agreement on prices and wages.

With the June data, the evolution of salaries in the first half showed a progress of 34.3%, while inflation in the period was 36.2%. Consequently, in the first six months of the year, wages dropped 1.9 points of purchasing power.

The worst situation is for informal workers. According to the INDEC report, the wages of non-registered employees rose 4.6% but during the year they were adjusted 58%, 6 points below the increase in the cost of living.