Even without much news about what the new Black Panther movie will be about, what is clear is that this new installment will return to the last moment we saw Wakanda in any of the Marvel movies. In addition, it will tell everything about the powerful secret nation of the world.

With the countdown to its premiere on November 11, Marvel released a new trailer that reveals a powerful Wakanda who will take center stage in the story. “Without Black Panther, Wakanda will fall,” Namor says in the new preview just before flooding Wakanda.

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With the death of King T’Challe, the new character seeks to become the next leader of the country and be able to wear the long-awaited black suit. However, Princess Shuri can be seen in some of the scenes wearing the black suit of Black Panther. So everything suggests that now it will be she who will have to face the hard battle that is coming.

Watch the trailer here: