The novel by Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi adds a new chapter. After the strong crisis that broke out when the blonde was in Argentina and was very close to L-Ghent; and from the rumors of the athlete’s romance with a Turkish actress and an Italian model, it seems that their reconciliation is a fact.

“I work for the club, for him. It was the media that invented that I was no longer the representative. I continue to work with him. Everything is fine between us. We grew up together, we’ll see what happens,” said the media in dialogue with Guido Záffora, after some images came to light in which they were seen together at the Galatasaray stadium in Turkey.

And although he did not want to give more details, through his social networks he confirmed that they enjoyed an afternoon of bowling with Nora Colosimo, Wanda’s mother, her partner, and Constantino, one of the children that Nara had with Maxi López. In addition, hours later the entire family attended a birthday party where they looked good together.