The media Wanda Nara broke down in tears on Italian television when talking about her separation from soccer player Mauro Icardi, at the same time that she targeted Eugenia “la China” Suárez, who was targeted as the third in discord during the Wandagate in October of 2021.

“I knew everything about him. And it’s not that I found him or started looking for him and checking his phone, that’s not true. We sat down and he told me: ‘I want to tell you this,'” Wanda said in the interview that was reproduced on LAM.

“And she told me that she was not a normal girl, so to speak: she was a girl who in Argentina has had other stories with other people as a couple. So that’s where it all starts. And I was not interested in what could have happened or anything, the fact that it was fair to such a person was serious to me, “she continued.

The presenter of the program mentioned to her that “everyone was talking about a betrayal by Mauro”, so she replied: “Yes, and it depends: there are women in Argentina who tell you that it was not a betrayal. There are women who do. I am a very serious woman. I found some things I didn’t like, some messages, and it started to change a little bit.”

“He told me the truth. Mauro is a person who, although it hurts, he tells you the truth. I almost always argue with him about this, because he is someone who tells you the truth even if it hurts you. And he told me that he has seen a person, ”Zaira’s sister reviewed.

Nara’s tears came when she referred to the pain she feels from the separation with Icardi.

“Yes, it hurts me because I am a person who believes in love forever. I believe in growing old next to the man I chose, but sometimes life surprises you and we must move forward, always look for happiness and show children that whatever happens to you in life, one should always look for happiness” he explained.