He wanted to do “good lyrics” and show that he is up to the task of a program on “the family channel.” However, Wanda Nara has just added a point against Telefe. What happened? With the excuse of showing her shoes from an exclusive clothing brand, the media mistakenly shared the script for Who is the mask? and sparked a scandal on social media.

In the sheet that he had on his desk in the cycle led by Natalia Oreiro, you can read the clues that the “investigators” receive -Wanda, Roberto Moldavsky, Lizy Tagliani and Karina La Princesita- before the presentation of each participant and the possible interventions they can do. But the most striking thing is that the production gives them a list of celebrities who may be behind the costumes.

Despite the fact that Wanda deleted the publication after a few minutes, she could not prevent it from going viral on the networks and generating outrage. Especially since the content of the script indicates that the researchers’ comments are far from spontaneous. And the discomfort of the public, added to the poor performance of the cycle at the audience level, does nothing but anger the authorities of the channel.

Wanda Nara mistakenly showed the script for Who is the mask?  • Channel C