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Wanda Nara was denounced by her former employee: what does she accuse her of

Wanda Nara is involved in a new scandal with her former employee. This time, María Carmen Cisnero Reboledo denounced her and her husband Mauro Icardi for the crimes of “human trafficking and reduction to servitude.”

Cisnero Reboledo had already made public her accusation against the media for having left her stranded in Milan, Italy. Although she later withdrew what she said, she is now represented by the lawyer Alejandro Cipolla in this lawsuit.

The complainant left the following for granted in the legal process: “That we have come this way, to file a criminal complaint against Wanda Solange Nara, Mauro Icardi and Nora Colosimo, all residing abroad, this being public knowledge, in accordance in principle with the crimes of human trafficking and reduction to servitude, articles 145 bis and 140 cc of the Penal Code.”

Later, Wanda issued a statement: “By virtue of the public demonstrations and the constant media threats made by Mrs. María Carmen Cisnero Reboledo, which include ‘continuing to tell stories about my intimacies, my family and especially my minor children’, and given the interest that this lady has aroused in the media, I let you know that nothing is owed to her for any concept derived from her stay in Italy”.

On the other hand, he added: “Attentive to the falsehoods manifested by her and the propagation of her fallacies, I will initiate legal actions in Italy, where there is already a judicial process against her. These actions are intended not to cause further damage and preserve the truth of the information.”

“It is very sad when someone you gave so much betrays you. Luckily, everything is already deposited where it has to be, in Justice (until the last payment). I am very sorry for the people who surround this woman today with ideas and proposals that they are not going to give him anything good, he concluded.

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