After several speculations about a crisis between Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi, the marriage would be about to divorce. this wednesday in THE M (America) an audio was broadcast that Wanda would have sent to a domestic worker with whom she is in a labor conflict and there the voice of the blonde is heard, who confirms that she traveled to Argentina to start the divorce proceedings from Mauro Icardi.

“Well, Carmen, I came here to Argentina because I’m doing Mauro’s divorce. I’m organizing that. I would stay a few more days and then I’ll come back, and I’ll get you the ticket and everything you need”, says the media to her employee. “I’m organizing things a bit for the divorce, because I can’t take it anymore and because I asked for a divorce”, closes Wanda in the filtered audio.

It should be remembered that Wanda and Mauro gave different indications on their social networks that many took to conclude that they would be separated. Last year they were about to divorce because of the football player’s deception with the China Suarez, although they reconciled.

A few days ago, Mauro Icardi changed his profile picture on Instagram, which caused various versions of separation among the followers.