The Argentine soccer player from Galatasaray Mauro Icardi would have fired his former partner and mother of his children, Wanda Nara, as his representative, according to Turkish media. If confirmed, the media, who was linked to having a relationship with L-Ghent, would lose a millionaire figure.

According to the local media, Wanda would have demanded that the Turkish club give him a million euros to represent him, in concept of Icardi’s loan from Paris Saint Germain.

However, the soccer player ordered that they not give him that amount, because she no longer holds that position.

“The Argentine soccer player, for his part, stated that Wanda Nara is no longer his manager and rejected the request, arguing that it is illegal,” they explained.

And they continued: “Icardi does not want Galatasaray to pay Wanda Nara.” Her reaction, they commented, was not the best of all: she asked that the money “be deposited in her account as soon as possible.”