This Tuesday marks the 70th anniversary of the death of Evita Perón, the woman who in the past fought for the female vote to become a reality today.

From the beginning of the day, the National Senator Alejandra Vigo from Córdoba federal dedicated herself to the tributes.

This morning at 10 am Vigo began its day with a floral offering at the monument to Eva Perón located in Bajada Pucará. He then participated in the inauguration of a community mural in the Campo de la Rivera neighborhood. Regarding this last program, the senator admitted to being moved and said “How can we not feel like heirs to Eva Perón? If today we saw that young and not so young women from that neighborhood went out to the streets to see that mural, in that place that was previously a sink of injustices”

At 5:00 p.m., he led a meeting of the Justicialista party at the headquarters located at 130 Matheu Street

“Dear sisters of my heart, today I want to send a very big greeting to all the Peronist and non-Peronist women to the sisters of all Latin America” ​​were the words with which Vigo began his fervent speech.

“Today is a day with double emotion. I do not want to stop telling you many of the things that we have to take into account. There is nothing more hopeful than finding us all here. Courageous mayors of Córdoba, senators, legislators, women representatives of social organizations and community, working women” continued

Then the senator assured that Cordoba women are the heirs of “our mother Evita” and that she “lives in the heart of each of the province’s Peronists” and postulated that if women are not together it is impossible for dreams ” He also thanked the comrades for understanding the need for women’s struggle

“Evita did not pass to immortality, but rather became immortal by transgressing what had to be transgressed because she had the courage to make an effort where a right was lacking,” said the senator, who celebrated the teachings for social justice that Eva left and the audacity to give women a place in Argentine society