The chief of staff, Juan Manzur, highlighted this Thursday the commitment of the national government to recover the value of the real income of Argentine workers “with parities that exceed inflation” and assumed that the rise in prices “is the main issue” that Argentina must attend.

Presenting his first management report to the Senate, Manzur declared that “inflation is a long-standing phenomenon that has multiple reasons” in Argentina.

“Inflation, there is no doubt, we have to take charge, it is the main issue we have to attend to,” he told the senators when presenting the 132nd report of a chief of staff to Congress.

In a statement that lasted 45 minutes, the official also stated that “we must strengthen the recovery of the workers’ real income and recover the value of our currency” and assured that “governing is giving work.”

Before entering the room to present his report, Manzur was received by Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner in her office on the first floor of the Senate.