The co-produced consignment between Ideas HD and Canal C Argentina, it expands its scope and becomes the first news program created in Córdoba that will gather news from all the country’s provinces.

Federal Direct Good It will be the only news summary from the interior that will address current affairs and the sociopolitical context of the country from a disruptive perspective. The journalistic team led by Martin Saint Peter It will propose a federal newspaper with a reach of national hierarchy, thus being a television alternative in terms of news.

Martin Saint Peter, driver Federal Direct Goodstressed that an attempt will be made to capture “a federal and dynamic look with a young imprint and journalistic rigor”. next to him will be Ernestina Marzi providing the most important economic information of each day and the sports segment will be in charge of Lisandro Trucco.

Federal Direct Good It is broadcast from Monday to Friday from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Channel C Argentina at the sign 539 of Flow and at

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