In a clear tribute to the 1985 video clip of the Norwegian band A-ha “take me“, the artist Julieta Conde worked magic in the video clip of Shakira and Bizarrap’s hit in Session #53.

The song already accumulates millions of views on all digital platforms, likes, comments, even memes that speak of the lyrics that point directly against Gerard Piqué, the ex-husband of the Colombian.

And although it only lasts 20 seconds, the part that seems to come out of a comic book caught everyone’s attention, since it is common to see some visual editing in Bizarrap’s videos that goes beyond the classic blue filter that characterizes its aesthetic. Exactly, it can be seen from the second 0:43 to the minute 1:03.

Who is Juliet Conde? This visual artist posted her piece on her social media with the caption “Tribute to my favorite video clip of all time for this theme”. The cartoonist has been working with the DJ and other renowned artists such as Emilia Mernes, CAZZU, Trueno, Lit Killah, among others, for a long time. Whether it is to collaborate in her clips or in the visuals of the giant screens in live shows, Conde is the favorite of many.

The realization was made using the technique of stop motion with dozens of drawings that, when placed together at intervals of thousandths of a second, perfectly draw the scene to be recreated.

Have you noticed this particular part?