This Friday the purchase plan in installments called Now 30 came into force, which includes the acquisition of appliances and cell phones at a frozen price for the next 90 days. It includes cell phones, washing machines, televisions, refrigerators and low consumption air conditioning equipment. The spending cap is $200,000 and the financing rate is 48%.

The Ministry of Commerce established that the term of validity will be from this Friday, October 21, to December 22, 2022 or until the volume of operations reaches the sum of $100 million, the first condition that is met. Likewise, the term of validity will be extendable until January 19, 2023.

The cost of the fee is almost half of the current one in the financial system for the payment of credit card statements, which is currently 83% of the Annual Effective Rate (TEA). Large chains and small and medium-sized businesses participate in the program, as long as they have a physical headquarters. The products must be of national production.

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What artifacts are included in Now 30?

You can buy 42, 50, 55 and 58-inch televisions, excluding those with larger dimensions. As for cell phones, the program covers the low and medium range, and does not include the high-end ones such as the Motorola Edge and the Samsung Galaxy S22, which have a sale value higher than said limit.

In relation to air conditioners, the objective of the measure is to promote those with energy efficiency labels “A” that allow generating energy savings, as reported officially.