“In the midst of a turbulent scenario through which the country went through, the year 2022 ended with some outstanding events within all the variables analyzed”, are the words with which the report of the Mediterranean Foundation begins.

He then assures and explains that the most benefited items last year. After having been one of the sectors hardest hit by the pandemic and having suffered practically no activity during 2020; the tourism sector toIt showed strong growth for 2022, driven mainly by domestic tourism.

Other sectors that managed to end 2022 with a good development of the indicators were sales by supermarkets and the automotive sector, which managed to exceed the results of 2021. It should also be noted that although the results for patenting were positive, these they are halfway to the values ​​registered for years prior to the pandemic.

Unfortunately there are also negative results. Specific sectors such as labor and real estate for the province of Salta yielded negative results. Where, the first ended with a fall in the activity and employment rate, and a growth in the unemployment rate; and the second with not very encouraging signs after throwing negative values ​​in all its units of measurement.

Real estate market in the province of Salta

In the Salta Real Estate Market, the volume of real estate purchase and sale transactions analyzed amounted to 4,387 operations for the entire 2022 period; which meant a 2% decrease compared to 2021. Likewise, there was a 3% drop in the amount per nominal transaction and a 44% drop in the real amount compared to the previous year. Which marked a huge setback after the previous year’s recovery from the effects of the pandemic.

Building Permits

Between January and October 2022, building permits were granted for the construction of new works or expansions, for a total of 206,126 m2 in the City of Salta. Which implied a slight decrease of 0.04% compared to the 206,209 m2 of 2021; and an increase of 45% compared to the 142,128 m2 of the year 2020. On the other hand, for the month of October 2022, the numbers of building permits were seen
reduced by 47.7% compared to the previous month; and by 43.8% compared to the month of October 2021.

Automotive Patenting and Motorcycle Patenting

During the accumulated annual figure of 2022, at the regional level, car sales increased by 3.4% and motorcycle sales by 11.2% compared to the previous year. Likewise, in the province of Salta, both vehicle and motorcycle sales increased compared to the accumulated figure of 2021. At this point, in the region, Salta had the second highest increase in patenting in terms of automobiles
and the fourth in motorcycles (8.6%). For its part, Tucumán was positioned as the province with the greatest participation in terms of car patents (32%) and motorcycles (28%).

Sale in Supermarkets

Sales at current prices, for the province of Salta, in the accumulated January – November 2022, amounted to $46.3 million; which represents an increase of 79.2% compared to the accumulated figure in 2021. In real terms, purchases in supermarkets obtained an increase of 5.3%. On the other hand, sales by outlet at nominal values ​​increased by 79.5%; while to values
real these increased by 5.6%.

The total number of travelers who arrived in the City of Salta between the months of January and November 2022 increased by 87.3% in relation to those who arrived during 2021. Of the 519,327 registered visitors, 466,536 (69.7% higher those who had arrived in 2021) were residents and 52,791 from the rest of the world. On the other hand, the percentage of rooms occupied in 2021 was 43.4%, a figure well above that of previous years (average of 34.5% in normal years). The average stay of a traveler was 2.21 days, an average that is consistent with historical values.