Everyone is talking about the successful Artificial Intelligence that OpenaAI produced. The company that created ChatGPT and GPT-4 is causing a sensation all over the world. However, given the results that this AI has had, some people have begun to wonder about the possible implications that it could have on society in the not too distant future.

From OpenAI they published a document with the conclusions obtained from an investigation they did on the possible implications of the Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) models on the labor market. The results showed that around 19% of the workers could see at least 50% of their tasks affected.

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The results published by the company indicate that the importance of scientific and critical thinking skills are related to exposure, suggesting that occupations that require these skills are less likely to be affected. On the contrary, programming and writing skills are more likely to be affected by current linguistic models.

Developers, writers, mathematicians, office workers, accountants, financiers, engineers, lawyers, web design professionals, among others, are among the most exposed professions. This has come to light after it was known a few days ago how an artificial intelligence has been CEO of a company for months and how the shares have risen since then.