Telegram bots are a series of third-party applications that run within the same messaging application. They do not require any type of installation, we only have to send them messages with certain commands or instructions that they understand to react to it.

How do I find the bots within the app?

Very easy, first you have to search for them as if they were a user, using @YourName or Telegram’s internal search engine by entering a keyword such as “movies”.

When you add a bot, you enter a conversation where everything about how it works is explained.

Below the description you will have to press the Start button, which automatically sends the Bot start command. By doing so, the bot will reply with a message explaining how it works and telling you the main commands to start using it.

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What are the most used bots?

MySeries: With this bot you can subscribe to your favorite series and receive notifications when new episodes are broadcast. Link: @MisSeriesBot.

Lyric: A bot that allows you to search for the lyrics of songs. You can do this by searching by title, by artist, or with a combined search. Link: @LyricZbot.

FindMusicPleaseBot: A bot that helps you find music. You write the name of a group and it sends you a song that you can listen to instantly, and you can also ask them to surprise you with a random mode. Link: @FindMusicPleaseBot.

My tracking: It serves to keep track of the majority of orders that are sent to you by a courier agency, and you will only have to write the tracking code of the package so that it updates you with each stop it makes. Link: @MiTrackingBot.

The Trace: It is a bot designed to create a trail store, which displays items with images, features and the option to buy them. In addition, its creator offers to help you if you want to set up your own bot for your store. Link: @ElRastroBot.

Mr. Cocktail: A bot that will allow you to choose a series of cocktails, and will give you instructions to prepare the one you have selected. Link: @CoctelsBot.

ImageBot: A bot that you will be able to ask for images or GIFs of anything. To do this, in the search command you will have to include a keyword related to what you are looking for. Link: @imagebot.

Wikipedia Search: A bot used to search Wikipedia. You have to write the command: @wiki + language + term. For example @wiki + is + Rolling Stones. Link: @Wiki

Alert Bot: A simple bot that can be very useful, since it allows you to program it to send you a specific message at a specific time, as a reminder. Link: @alertbot.

VoteBot: Another perfect bot for groups, which allows you to organize votes. First you create the title of the vote, and then the options. Then you will record the answers. Link: @Vote.

The Best Bot Wallpapers: A simple bot that searches for images so you can use them as wallpaper. The images are of various topics, and are received directly in the bot’s chat window. Link: @allwallpaperbot.

Zodiac: If you are one of those who usually consults your horoscope daily, this bot is used precisely for that. After a few brief questions to get to know you a little better, he will send you your astrol predictionLink: @zodiac_bot.

TriviaBot: A perfect bot for groups, since it organizes a game of questions and answers in the style of Trivial Pursuit, on various topics. The bad thing is that it is in English, but it promises fun and saves statistics of the participants. Link: @triviabot.