Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, gave an interview to ABC News and there he told everything about this new AI that is echoing around the world. In addition, he took the opportunity to warn of some risks that may arise in the future as a result of it.

Altman said he is “concerned that these models could be used to spread disinformation on a large scale.” Furthermore, he added that now that ChatGPT is capable of “writing good computer code”, there are risks that it could be used for cyberattacks.

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He also warned that Chat GPT can provide false information because it uses deductive reasoning instead of memorization. In addition, alerting the appearance of other actors who use chatbots similar to ChatGPT for malicious purposes, Altman explained that OpenAI is not the only one that develops this technology, but there are also other companies that do the same but that unlike them do not set limits security, which could end in catastrophic consequences. Altman assured that he fears “in the hands of which human beings” artificial intelligence may be.