Fernando Burlandolawyer for the parents of Fernando Baez Sosahe could not contain his anger when in an intermission room they consulted him outside the Dolores Courts about a version that circulated this Wednesday morning: the rugby players accused of murdering Fernando would have laughed when he entered Paul Ventura to testify as a witness.

Fortune He is the young man who was accused by the defendants as the perpetrator of the crime, despite the fact that he had no relationship or connection with the eight rugby players. This led him to spend 4 days in prison, although he was not even there at the time of the event.

After the fourth intermission, a journalist mentioned to Burlando that “The defendants interacted a lot with each other and laughed even when they named Pablo Ventura as a witness”. To which he angrily replied: “I’m a very short time away from starting to insult everyone. I ask, What are they laughing at, what do they know? laugh sons of…?he bellowed.

Although the media lawyer did not confirm the version, he insisted: “Even if they laugh at a matter that has nothing to do with the trial, in this that is a temple, which is the courtroom and where Fernando’s parents are, they do not they can laugh at nothing. If they did that, they’re reverend motherfuckers, really”.

Ventura’s statement

When Ventura entered the courtroom of Dolores Oral Criminal Court No. 1 this Wednesday, the defendants had their masks on, despite the lawyer’s request that they show their full faces, and were surrounded by guards from the Buenos Aires Penitentiary Service.

The 24-year-old was at his home in Zárate when he was arrested by the police and taken to Campana. “They told me that since I had to go to Gesell for a murder they handcuffed me. When I arrived, I asked why I was there. I was not aware”explained in Paul Venturain the audience.

“They told me that I was charged as the main culprit of what had happened, then I was held incommunicado for four days”he continued narrating. “I was there because someone had framed me, that’s what they told me.”he maintained in his statement, about how his name had come to appear among the murderers.

“Someone named me, I never knew who it was. After what happened I couldn’t go out quietly to the street. People recognized me. I lost privacy”lamented Ventura.

Previously, he had clarified that with the defendants he never had “No kind of deal, only by sight, never a friendly relationship with anyone“. “With one we looked at each other badly, with Lucas Pertossi, just that”he explained and then added: “In Zárate, I saw them fight in a group several times in bowling alleys. Always, in a group of people. Three, four, five, five against one, or two people… They were always a majority”he declared.