This Tuesday the journalist Ariel Zalio interviewed the person in charge of Megatone Córdoba to ask him everything about the payment plan in installments “Now 30” that governs for three months. “The plan is already available, details need to be finalized regarding the interest of the installments, but between today and tomorrow it will be ready so that people can approach and use the plan”Explain.

“The final interest rate in the 30 months is 98%, it is estimated that it will be half that annually, 44%. It is a good rate to take advantage of the installments in long plans“explains the trader. In addition, he pointed out that “The maximum amount for operations is $200,000 per product. You have to use a credit card with that margin as the limit.”

TVs can be purchased from 50 inches “Taking advantage of the fact that the World Cup is approaching and that there is great demand for these products. The average price is from $100,000, depending on the brand and image quality“. The person in charge of the company also recalled that it includes “refrigerators, selected products, cell phones, low consumption air conditioners and white line products such as washing machines and kitchens, but in selected brands and models”.

The complete list of products (not their prices) can be viewed by clicking on this link.

Ariel Zalio Coverage