The messaging giant, Whatsapp, plans to make some changes within its platform. The developers of the application know that states are one of the least used functions by users, so they seek to turn this situation around.

So far, one of the changes will be to occupy this tab with the “Communities” category, which will allow people to organize WhatsApp groups. For now, it will be a change that will be visible to beta users of the application.

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Here we tell you what you need to know about this new update and the latest news coming to WhatsApp:

From now on, the states of our contacts will also begin to be in the home tab -where we find all our chats- but, it is expected that in a short time they will disappear from the second tab to make way for the “Communities” category. .

Whatsapp will start to look similar to Instagram in terms of how stories will look on screen.