Within the framework of the 15th anniversary of the Google company in Argentina, the company announced some of the new developments in relation to the Google Maps application. He also presented a list of the places and foods most sought after by Argentines in recent times.

In relation to the announcements, Google announced that more than 150 tourist providers were incorporated into Google Maps, in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Nation and the introduction of more than 80 new locations in Street View of Argentina.

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In relation to the search trends that users from Argentina do on the platform, the list of the most searched was as follows:

Most searched foods



3.Ice cream



Most wanted museums

1.Museum of Latin American Art

2.National Museum of Fine Arts

3. River Plate Museum

4. Bernardino Rivadavia Museum of Natural Sciences

5.National Museum of Decorative Art

Most Wanted Transportation Hubs

1.Jorge Newbery Airport

2.Ezeiza Airport

3. Constitution Square

4. Station Eleven

5.Lanus Station

street view

Most visited beaches

1. Varese Beach

2.Bristol Beach

3.Pinamar Beach

4.La Florida Spa

5. North Colon Beach

Most visited points of interest

1.Iguazú Falls

2. Obelisk

3. Alberto J. Armando Stadium (La Bombonera)

4.Pink House

5. Most Monumental Stadium