A few days after the debut of the Argentine national team in the Qatar World Cup, Antonela Roccuzzo showed how she prepares to accompany Lionel Messi along with the three children they have in common: Thiago (10), Mateo (7) and Ciro (4). And with the hope of a long stay in the Arab country, Rosario packed the suitcase with everything they will need there.

With the song Argentina, by Trueno and Nathu Peluso, in the background he published a video on his social networks in which you can see a good number of albiceleste shirts – headlines and alternatives -, shorts, caps and matching hats, so that the boys wear their team colors throughout the championship.

The publication did not go unnoticed by the Scaloneta fans, who did not hesitate to celebrate Antonela’s attitude, just as days ago they were moved by the theme that Thiago Messi chose to celebrate his ten years.