President Alberto Fernández announced, via Twitter, that this Friday the plan comes into force “Now 30” . It should be remembered that said program contemplates the financing and purchase of electrical appliances in 30 installments and freezes the prices of the products for 90 days.

In this regard, Canal C consulted on how the quota plan will be implemented with Luis Méndez, president of the Chamber of Electrical Appliances. Just like a few days ago, the manager reiterated: “Until it is published in the official gazette, we don’t have too many certainties.”

Regarding interest rates, he indicated that “There is no official information but it is said that it will be 48% effective annually. Either we know the direct rate that the government is going to deduct from commerce”. Likewise, he indicated that to register “There is talk of a list where each merchant must register”.

In a personal capacity, Luis Méndez maintained:“I see the 90-day price freeze as very complicated. We will always respect it and when the supplier also respects those prices for us.”

Source: Coverage Ariel Zalio – Channel C