The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Mining, through the General Directorate of Control of the Food Industry, reported some recommendations for the purchase and consumption of typical Easter foods.

food in general

  • Buy food in authorized shopsavoiding informal places.
  • Acquire products that they are enabled, avoiding buying food of unknown origin.
  • Read the labels carefully, identify the due date and the storage mode.
  • check the packaging integrity.
  • Avoid buying and consuming cans damaged, swollen, or rusted.
  • Once the can is opened, preserve and consume according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Keep foods that require it refrigerated Do not break the cold chain.
  • wash properly fruits/vegetables using safe water.


  • buy fish fresh.
  • Verify that the eyes they must be bright.
  • The meat must be firm and not give in when pressing with the fingers.
  • The gills or gills they must be colored red and scales They must be attached to the body and have a bright color.
  • fish can keep 1 to 2 days in refrigerator at a temperature less than or equal to 5°C and, up to 3 months in the freezer between -12°C and -18°C.

Easter eggs

  • The surface of the chocolate should be smooth, shiny and free of blemishes.
  • Bear in mind that the healthiest chocolates are those that contain the highest percentage of cocoa (65-70%) and that the recommended portion is 25 gr.