The new update of the beta version of WhatsApp will give users of the platform an additional security option to prevent the theft of their accounts. To do this, it will offer to activate the two-step verification in the application.

The new security layer will ask users who have not yet done so to establish a 6-digit password to protect the privacy of the WhatsApp profile. Through a notification that will occupy the entire screen, the platform will indicate that for greater security you must configure the verification in two steps.

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When you activate this security mode and change your phone or want to open your account on another mobile phone, the app will ask you to use the PIN along with an SMS code that will be sent to your phone. With this layer of security, if someone wants to steal your account, they will not be able to access it.

Also, if WhatsApp detects that someone is trying to register your phone number, it will show you a notification on your cell phone and will warn you not to give your security code to anyone.