Daniela Carbone, the 47-year-old flight attendant who spread a bomb threat among her co-workers on a flight to Miami, will testify this Tuesday before Judge Federico Villena on charges of public intimidation, obstruction of public services and aggravated coercion.

Carbone has worked for Aerolíneas Argentinas for 25 years and it is suspected that the threat was prompted by the recent separation between her and a colleague with whom she had a relationship of 5 years. Justice believes that the main objective of this sequence was to complicate the life of her ex-partner.

Until now it is believed that he used his daughter’s cell phone with a prepaid chip to send the threatening audios to the pilot and his other colleagues: “Tell the captain that we planted three bombs in Miami. Let him stop messing with politics and check the plane because they are going to fly into a thousand pieces”.

Flight AR1304 Ezeiza-Miami, which carried 270 passengers and 12 crew members, was scheduled to depart at 7:35 on Sunday, but it had to be delayed 7 hours due to the case. Aerolíneas Argentinas lost an amount of more than a million dollars, between the rescheduling of the departure back to Miami, the judicial protocol and the evacuation of passengers.

Prior to arresting the crew member last Sunday, the Justice went ahead and kidnapped an iPhone 13 Pro and another 12 Pro at their home with which they had been identified with the line from which the threats were sent. In addition, the cell phones in which the record of “How to investigate an audio” was subsequently investigated, “an audio can be analyzed to find out whose voice it is”, “activate voice recognition”, “Aerolíneas Argentinas” and “SAME Province”, among other searches.

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