The lunar sign allows us to give a more complete idea of ​​ourselves. In general, when one is asked about his sign, it refers to the sun sign.

However, our sign is formed by the different positions in which the planets, the Sun and the Moon were at the moment of our birth, which is measured with the precision of hours and minutes.

These data allow us to know some traits of our personality, our compatibility with other signs and what the stars have in store for you every day.

So when we talk about the moon sign we talk about where the moon was at the time of your birth. This shows the subconscious part of us, what we have most hidden.

How to calculate the moon sign?

To calculate your moon sign you need an astrological calculator. For this we leave you the link to a calculator of the natal chart. There you have to enter both your date of birth, as well as the exact time and place where you were born in order to accurately calculate your birth chart.

What does your moon sign say?

MOON SIGN IN ARIES: They tend to be people with a tremendous will to live who have blind faith that everything will turn out for the best. They are not malicious, but sometimes they lack tact. It is very common for them to start doing something and quickly get bored, moving on to something else without dwelling too much on anything.

MOON SIGN IN TAURUS: They are marked by a personality with a strong. They are also serene people capable of transmitting this calm to others. The truth is that the lunar sign in Taurus makes whoever is under this sign simple and devoid of evil, although this can sometimes lead to conformism.

MOON SIGN IN GEMINI: They don’t know how to decide if they like something or not, if they feel comfortable with someone or not, and fickleness is key in their lives. They also need to be in continuous communication. They are people with a great sense of humor and who always seem to know a little about everything.

MOON SIGN IN CANCER: They tend to have their feminine side very much enhanced. This can lead them to be especially sensitive to everything around them, so they feel very connected to everything that happens in their environment. They also have a very powerful sixth sense that allows them to read energies.

MOON SIGN IN LEO: Those born with a Leo moon sign do not usually hide what they feel, because they feel everything very intensely, from the depths of their hearts. As for their personality, they have an innate joy that is contagious and that radiates light wherever they go.

MOON SIGN IN VIRGO: They have a great passion in the world of the intellectual, and they pay a lot of attention to the details. They are perfectionists to the max, which can sometimes make them feel very judged, both by themselves and by others. On its most positive side, the Moon sign in Virgo drives to help others, trying never to leave anyone in the lurch.

MOON SIGN IN LIBRA: They are people with a great temperament, inclined towards home and emotional nature. They are people who need to meditate very calmly on everything that happens in their lives, weighing all the good and all the bad before making any decision.

MOON SIGN IN SCORPIO: The emotion of the native of this lunar sign is capable of controlling their emotions and that their passions do not come out, despite the fact that they are burning inside. For them there are no black or white, they are capable of loving you and hating you at the same time, because everything inside them has an unbridled intensity.

MOON SIGN IN SAGITTARIUS: They are optimistic by nature. They have a blind trust in the future, which allows them to take very big risks, something that can be good and bad at the same time. On the other hand, those born with the moon in this sign are usually people with a strong need for freedom, who get overwhelmed if they feel tied down.

MOON SIGN IN CAPRICORN: They are trustworthy people, to whom it is possible to delegate tasks of great importance, since they take life very seriously. His greatest fear, therefore, is failure. Capricorn Moon Signers never shirk their responsibilities, and despite the constant need to have everything under control, they are quite resilient.

MOON SIGN IN AQUARIUS: They can be somewhat distant, a little reserved and can even seem cold, because they are always in control of their emotions. They also have a strong sense of individuality, although the truth is that they are the ones who most want to be in a group. In them, intellectuality and originality stand out, since they are people who find it easy to come up with brilliant and complex ideas.

MOON SIGN IN PISCES: They are usually romantic, idealistic and very dreamy people. Their intuition is their greatest potential, so much so that some say they have psychic qualities. Their most negative side is their extreme emotionality, which sometimes leads them to need to isolate themselves from others, since they are also deeply empathic. People with Moon in Pisces are often also great artists.