The well-known boxer from Cordoba, Dayana Sánchez, is fighting for her life in the Instituto del Quemado in the city of Córdoba, after being seriously affected by a fire that occurred in her house in the Juan Pablo II neighborhood. The incident, caused by the explosion of a jug, caused him burns on his face and arms, in addition to seriously compromising his respiratory tract.

The 30-year-old, who has represented Argentina in various international sporting events, he entered the intensive care unit in critical condition due to the severity of his injuries. The medical team decided to put her under mechanical ventilation to ensure her oxygen supply while they waited for her evolution.

However, in the last medical report issued, A slight improvement in his state of health has been highlighted. According to the doctors, Dayana’s airways have reduced inflammation by 50%, which has allowed more intermittent respiratory assistance. In addition, they have reported that the young woman has not had a fever, which ruled out the need for cultures, and that she has been withdrawn from the adrenaline medication due to her stability.

Dayana She continues to be sedated in order to reduce pain, although her evolution shows encouraging progress. The young athlete continues to fight for her recovery while receiving the unconditional support of her loved ones and the boxing community.

The incident occurred on Wednesday night, when Dayana smelled gas in her home and, when trying to close the key to a screen with a bottle, a flare broke out that trapped her in her room, causing her serious injuries. Firefighters quickly rushed to the scene to extinguish the fire and found total damage in the boxer’s room, where her bed, furniture and clothing were charred.

Dayana Sanchez She is a prominent athlete in the world of Argentine boxing and has achieved important achievements throughout her career. In the ODESUR Games in Chile in 2014, got the silver medal. Furthermore, in the Toronto Pan American Games in 2015, another silver medal was hungbeing defeated by the local Caroline Veyre. In 2019, he repeated the feat, taking another silver medal at the Pan American Games.

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