Can you imagine getting off the plane and when you retrieve your suitcase, it is completely crushed? That happened to Laura, a woman who was traveling to Mexico City through the company low cost VivaAerobús.

His travel companion was the one who recorded the moment through social networks. First, she recorded a video in which she showed how the luggage had been: “Well, we were just arriving and apparently Laura’s suitcase was used to stop the plane… Because that’s how it ended up”says the TikTok user fabianolv18.

The video gathered more than 18 million views in a few days, accumulating thousands of comments such as “We need the story time of the suitcase”; “You could make a claim with the airline. They are supposed to have insurance”; “Thank you Laura you saved our lives”, between many more.

Look at the moment!

The video went viral in such a way that it reached the ears of the company’s administrators, so the TikTok user decided to make a second part of her friend’s story. Fabián explained that after making the claim, they offered to replace the suitcase with another of poor quality. He also said that for the money back they had to wait between10 to 20 business dayssomething that was not useful to them since they thought they would only be two days for work in Mexico City.

Finally, VivaAerobús personnel contacted the affected woman and promised her “immediate follow-up”. “Fortunately Laura did not have valuable things, she only had clothes and some traditional Monterrey sweets, which were gifts for the people in the offices we visited”he concluded.