Starting this Wednesday, the theater billboards of Carlos Paz are preparing to receive tourists during the long weekend of Holy Week.

That is why, in the theaters, several works that were on the bill during the summer return to the scene.

We tell you one by one the works that will be in the theaters of the town:

-“Stravaganza. 10 years”. The Flavio Mendoza show, along with Gisela Bernal, Facundo Mazzei, Lucila Juárez, Lula Rosehntal, Facundo Vivona and Celeste Campos. From Thursday 14 to Sunday 17 April. Luxor Theater (Liberty Avenue).

– “Jenny Tour 2022. From Thursday to Saturday, at 9:30 p.m., the humorous show by Wali Iturriaga is presented. Lake Theater (Belgrano 81)

– “The pipe of peace”. Comedy by Alicia Muñoz with Betiana Blum and Sergio Suracco. Functions from April 13 to 17. Holiday I Theater (9 de Julio 53. Upper floor).

-“The best of Nito and Cherutti”. Music Show with Nito Artaza, Miguel Angel Cherutti and Bianca Cherutti. At the Holiday Theater, performances from April 13 to 17.

– “Crocodile”. Crocodile Magazine. Magazine show with Omar Suárez, Denise Cerrone, Agustín Sousa and the dancers Rodrigo Jara, Lourdes Leymon, Erica Colazo, Claudia Fernández, Jorgelina Mayon and Gabriel Rentería. Holiday II Theater (9 de Julio 53. Upper floor). From Thursday 14 to Saturday 16 April, at 9:30 p.m.

-“Crazy- Mania for humor”. Musical comedy show with Pablo Millán and Reina Heels. Multiespacio Mónaco (Avenida San Martín y Zuviría): “América Show”. Show with Ángel Carabajal, Julián Burgos, Maxi Diorio, Agustín Reyero, Gina Casinelli, duo “Los Giovos”, Mariano Garnero, Elena Guarner, Rosalía Alvarez, Nicolás Tobares, Zaúl Showman and Celeste Muriega. From Tuesday to Sunday.

-“Humor in concert” with Marcelo Josset, Mario Fassi, Emma Aimar, Dani Córdoba, Javier Girardo, Claudia Maraschi, Verónica Vayra, Fabiana García and Diego Gómez. Theater of the Sun I (General Paz 250)

– “The 39 steps”. Comedy with Fabián Vena, Fredy Villarreal, Marcos “Bicho” Gómez and Andrea Rincón. Directed by Manuel González Gil. Theater of the Sun II (General Paz 250).

– “The secrets of Cleopatra” with Abel Bessone, Verónica Cabrera, Pablo Falcó, Nicolás Mateo and Natalia Matjazic. Theater of the Sun III (General Paz 250).

– “The pailoneta of humor”. New show by Fernando “flaco” Pailos with Carla Dogliani and Gabriel Marasini. Freedom Theater (Freedom 60).

-“Put chimi”. Humor and music show with Ale de Santis, Sebastián Llapur, Mudo Esperanza and the group Iceberg del Sur. Space Hotel Eleton (Virgilio 300 corner Constantinople).

-“Disrespectful. A humor prosthesis”. Comedy with Pablo Rey, Thiago Rey, Marcos Star and José Charubi. phoenix space. Room 2 (July 9 corner Av. San Martín).

– “How do the men want?”. Music hall with Nora Pavón and Patrissia Lorca. Saturday April 16. 9:30 p.m. Holy Devil Space (Maradona 165).