The Ministry of Labor revealed the data on the salary reality of the different sectors of the economy, which reflect the disparity between those who receive the best remunerations and those who have the lowest salaries.

Official information updated to March 2023 shows a 710% gap between the highest and lowest incomes, which implies a notable increase compared to a year ago, in March 2022, when the disparity amounted to 630%.

When reading these data, it must be taken into account that since they are updated to March of this year, many sectors subsequently achieved salary adjustments, so it is possible that they have varied in the location of the virtual salary ranking.

The sectors with the best income

– Extraction of crude oil and natural gas: $938,385.
– Extraction of metalliferous minerals: $764,898.
– Electricity, gas and water: $640,294.
– Air transport: $592,810.
– Financial intermediation: $576,409.
– Maritime and fluvial transport: $572,945.
– “Petroleum products” item: $506,623.
– Manufacture of chemical products: $469,967.
– Post and telecommunications: $437,693.
– Research and development: $412,644.
– Mining and quarrying sector: $403,260

The lowest wages

– Hotel and restaurant services: $115,840.
– Forestry sectors: $124,256.
– Teaching: $129,647.
– Agriculture: $132,845.
– Timber category: $133,628.
– Clothing activities: $151,686.
– Temporary employment agencies: $153,378.
– Retail trade: $160,365.
– Leather: $163,391.
– Services.: $163,627.
– Real estate services: $166,399

Regarding the adjustments registered in the last year, the Labor data show that a total of 20 sectors achieved salary updates above the inflation of that period, which reached 104.3%, while 36 items failed to avoid the loss of purchasing power of their salaries. At the time of making the comparison, the numbers reflected that the economic activity with the best salary adjustment was that of “exploitation of mines and quarries”, whose income had an increase of 145.4% during said period. They completed the podium, the items of “radio and television” (128.1%) and “extraction of crude oil and natural gas” (127.2%).

The other side was carried out by the sector of “computer activities”, with a salary adjustment of 83.8% between March 2022 and the same month of this year, although it is far from being part of the low-income level activities, since they receive net $397,538; the item “film, radio and television”with an increase that reached 91.8% and the sector of “post and telecommunications”which had an improvement of 92.2%, in the period analyzed.