In May, the Twitter platform announced the launch of a new tool for users. The novelty is that it is already being applied globally and in the country it is already available to almost everyone. This is a new feature that seeks to have greater control of the platform by specifically choosing who can see certain Tweets.

Users will now be able to Tweet to everyone with the Public option, but if you want your message to reach a smaller, more personalized group, you can choose Twitter Circle.

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How should we do?

To start, we must choose the option to write a new Tweet. When doing so, if you already have the option activated, a pop-up window will appear inviting you to use Circle.

If you choose to edit you will be able to add up to 150 people to the Circle, users that you can add or remove at any time without being notified.

Although, the legend will appear “Only people in the Circle of @[nombre de usuario] can see this Tweet,” so they’ll know they’re in a Circle.