Doctor Pablo Criado spoke at Pato a la Mañana and referred to all the issues related to tariff segmentation. “Everyone who wants to keep the subsidy has to sign up for this segment,” he said.

Criado assures that the State subsidizes almost 70 percent of the cost of electricity and gas, for this reason those who do not sign up for the segmentation must pay, in addition to the value that they have been paying monthly, the cost that the state subsidy represents.

On the other hand, those who have difficulties to register online must print the form, complete it and present it at one of the Anses offices. However, Criado assures that carrying out the process through the My Argentina page is quite simple, which is why he suggests that people be encouraged to do it there.

What things should we have on hand to carry out the procedure? “You must have your ID at hand, the meter number, the cuil number and a ballot at hand,” she said.

In addition, Criado referred to the three categories into which segmentation is divided: low, medium and high. The high segmentation is for those people who charge “basic three and a half baskets, equal to or greater than $350,000”. The properties, vehicles, shipments or boats that the person owns are also valued.

As for the average segmentation, it will apply to people who have incomes of “a basic basket and a half up to three basic baskets, that is, it ranges from $99,600 to $350,000, you can have two properties in your name and a car with an age not least three years.” And the low segmentation “rules from a basic basket”, you can own a house and a car of a model older than five years.

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