Between sunsets of vibrant colors, Miramar de Ansenuza has the new National Park and one of the largest saline wetlands in the world, the Laguna Mar Chiquita.

With a unique biodiversity (more than 300 registered fauna species) this water mirror is ideal for spotting aquatic birds, among which herons, seagulls, and pink flamingos stand out, a symbol of the locality.

Its waterfront is chosen for walks and bike rides. You can also climb a wooden gazebo to watch the birds fly.

A recommendation? do not move until you see the sunset: in this place the sunset is a unique spectacle.

Beyond the lagoon, the cultural proposal includes several museums: the Aníbal Montes Natural Sciences museum, to learn about the origins of the lagoon from its geological point of view.

The photography Dante Marchetti, from the perspective of the history of the town. The San Antonio Chapel Museum is added, the first Croatian chapel in the province, and the Hotel Viena museum, one of the most visited for its German past and some ghost legends.

How to get: Miramar is located about 197 kilometers from the city of Córdoba. It is possible to go through RN 19 until you pass Río Primero, then take RP 10 and from there RP 17. By bus, an alternative is Fonobus.