Starting today in Córdoba begins the “Design Festival 2022”, which will run until Sunday, July 24, with free admission. The event will take place at the Industry Museum, and will offer design markets with more than 150 exhibitors, exhibitions, talks, workshops, interventions, interactive proposals, gastronomy, and an unmissable musical grid with Telescopes, Feli Colina and Marilina Bertoldi , among others.

In addition, the activities of the holidays for children continue, which are distributed among the different cultural spaces of the city, such as the Historical Council, municipal museums, Cultural Centers, the City of Arts, the Municipal Film Club and the traditional fairs.

activities for children

-Holidays in Sala Malicha Spontaneous reading activities, storytelling and games Time: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Place: Sala Malicha (Cabildo de Córdoba – Independencia 30) Free admission

-Work “Ta Ti Te” by the Municipal Dance Theater Cast Time: Double Performance at 11 am and 3 pm Place: City of Arts Theater (Av. Pablo Ricchieri 1955) Free admission

-40th Puppet Theater Winter Festival -“Stories in the Patio” – Group “LOS TÍTERES DE VALENTINA” – Villa María (Guest) – Direction: Valentina Morello – All Public Time: 3 pm Place: Cabildo de Córdoba (Independencia 30 ) Cost $300 – All public.

-The Kingdom of the King NO”- Group “BIGOTE DE MONIGOTE”, Buenos Aires (CENTER, Guest) – Direction: Blanca Vega Time: 4:30 p.m. Place: Cabildo de Córdoba (Independencia 30) Cost $300 – All public

-“Renata” – Group “EL LUCERO” – UNIMA Cba – Address: Cecilia Di Mauro Time: 6 pm Place: Cabildo de Córdoba (Independencia 30) Cost $300 – All public

-“La Parda” – Group “LA PAREJA” – Río Ceballos (Guest) – Direction: Daniel Di Mauro Time: 8 pm Place: Cabildo de Córdoba (Independencia 30) Cost $300 – Adolescent and adult public

Independent Theater x the City

-“I carry you in my soul” Time: 4:30 p.m. Place: Espacio Blick – Pasaje Agustín Pérez 11

-“The Count DraScula” Time: 5 pm Place: Santa Calma – Deodoro Roca 1137, corner Rep. of Chile

-“The Wind In The Willows” Time: 5 pm Place: Teatro La Brújula – Rivadavia 1452

-“Factory of monsters” Time: 6 pm Place: Espacio Daxel – Urrutia 248

It should be noted that the functions of the “Independent Theater x the City” have a 30% discount on the value of the tickets for the functions scheduled during the July holidays, support granted by the municipal Ministry of Culture.

Other options for family entertainment are guided tours and walks that promise to delve into the heritage of the city. Some of the points of interest are the traditional neighborhoods such as Güemes and Nueva Córdoba, the renovated Costanera del Río Suquía, visits to the Cathedral of Los Capuchinos, the San Jerónimo Cemetery, and the various notable bars and cafes in the capital.

The Fairs of the Popular Economy and the traditional stalls of the Güemes neighborhood can be visited every weekend of the month, as spaces that exhibit products from the world of handicrafts.