Google unveiled “the year in searches” and in Argentina the three most requested trends are on the most influential topics in 2022 in the country such as the World Cup, the Finalissima against Italy and the digital census.

The first five relate to:

– Digital census.

– World Cup 2022.

– Argentina vs. Italy.


– Athletic Tucuman.

While the trends decreased for the following: Professional League, Gerardo Rozín, Electricity and gas subsidies, Ukraine and Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia.

Regarding the question “How” The first is how to do the digital Census? and even how to get the IFE?. In searches for “Why” stand out why does russia invade ukraine? And why is June 17 a holiday?

Going by the side of the series, movies and television programs, there was no doubt that the most searched on Google was Big Brother. Later it was explored by the Argentine film Argentina, 1985; Woman-fragranced coffee; The manager and Dahmer.

On the people side, Google was a search engine and informer about the deceased in 2022 in Argentina and the world and there the following stood out: Gerardo Rozín, Julieta Vallina, Queen Isabel II and Carlitos Balá. While another of the trending characters was the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

The most selected recitals were that of Tini, Kiss, Coldplay, La Renga and Metallica.

Now going for the more football side, the trends of the matches were: Argentina vs Italy, Argentina vs Saudi Arabia, Mexico vs Poland, Argentina vs Estonia, Argentina vs Mexico.

Last but not least, the question about “What” left output as: What time is it in Qatar? And till What is NATO?