Years go by and La Mona Jiménez continues adding successes to her artistic career. The king of the quartet has been going through a spectacular moment in his professional life, especially with the recent repercussions of the Bum Bum Festival, which has been enormously accepted by the quartet audience and by artists of this genre who are encouraged to get on this quartet move.

Such is the success that the festival has been reaping, that the “Big shot” already announced the date for the fifth edition of Bum Bum which will take place next Saturday, May 6. So far it is unknown which artist will be part of this new edition but it is presumed that, as they have been doing in previous editions, near the date of the event the complete grid will be confirmed.

La Mona at the Bum Bum Festival. Source: (Instagram)

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On the other hand, one of the most anticipated events by the fans of the quartet was finally confirmed just a few days ago. We talk about the return of La Mona to Sgt. In dialogue with Noticiero Doce, Carli Jiménez, the singer’s current producer, assured that the modality that will take place will be a presentation “every other Friday”.

On the other hand, the son of the cuartetero affirmed that the return of the Boss to the historic corner will have the participation of other artists on those dates that the cuartetero is not there. It should be remembered that Universo Jiménez, the producer of La Mona, recently announced that they will be in charge of the Monumental de San Vicente for the next three years.

La Mona at the Bum Bum Festival. Source: (Instagram)