There are days of great expectation for WhatsApp users, since the Meta company recently announced the arrival of six new functions to its application. These are totally revolutionary tools that will completely change the way you use the application.

The first of these is an improved image editor. When editing an image before sending it, users will be able to customize the text, including new font types, the option to change the background color or the alignment of the text. This novelty is already available for some WhatsApp beta users.

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The second function is related to new options in temporary messages. Currently, there is the possibility of activating the message function so that they disappear automatically and establish a certain duration, being able to choose between 24 hours, 7 days or 90 days. Now there will be more options available, it will be possible to activate temporary messages for several hours, days or up to a year.

The third tool refers to the editing of messages, one of the most anticipated and revolutionary novelties of all. The option to edit already sent messages arrives. The fourth function that comes to WhatsApp is the possibility of creating a newsletter, this tool is very useful for content creators.

Finally, there are pinned messages and video messages. The first will allow posting messages at the top of conversations. Meanwhile, with the second you can send video messages with a maximum duration of 60 seconds.