WhatsApp has been making endless changes within its platform, in recent months it has been announcing all the updates that have been incorporated into its app. The latest novelty is in the three new functions that were recently added and that we are going to tell you about below:

1.Search for messages by date

One of the features Meta is working on is the ability to search for messages by date. Once it is available to all users, a calendar icon will appear located just above the keyboard. Clicking on it will allow you to search for messages from a certain date in a conversation.

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2.Saving disappearing messages

Another function that has come to WhatsApp is the possibility of saving the temporary messages that we receive, but it will only be possible in certain situations. When it is not possible to save an ephemeral message, an alert will appear at the top and a window that will indicate that the creator of said message has deleted the message from the saved messages so that no one else in the conversation can keep it.

3.New camera shortcut

This new access will be located at the top of the app right next to the search button and gives you access to all the functions of the WhatsApp camera. This feature is only available for some Beta users at the moment, but it is expected to reach the rest of the people in the coming days.