After a year, where WhatsApp was working on the development of one of the functions most anticipated by users, the company finally confirmed that there is a new tool that would be days away from being included in the platform. This is the transcription of voice notes to text, a function that promises to make life easier for users.

Until now, in order to transcribe a WhatsApp audio message to text, it was necessary to resort to third-party tools. Something that would be about to change with the new tool that will be integrated into the app, and that will allow it to be done without leaving the platform.

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A screenshot of version of WhatsApp Beta for iOS shows what the interface of the audio note transcription mode would look like. In this screenshot you can see the warning that would appear when a voice message cannot be transcribed for some reason. Since the notice in question has begun to be implemented in the app, everything indicates that the arrival of the new function is about to be released on the platform.