In the year 2021 WhatsApp decided to change some of the conditions of use of its platform, including a clause that stated that user data would be shared with Facebook, in the event that people do not accept this, some of the application functions. As a consequence of them, thousands of users migrated to other platforms such as Telegram, Signal, WeChat, among others.

Before this situation occurred, the company decided to go back with this applied policy and confirmed that users who decide not to accept this term will be able to continue using all the functions of the application. On the other hand, the European Union began to require WhatsApp to be more transparent with the changes they introduce and confirmed that the platform will begin to provide users with the possibility of rejecting those updates with which they do not agree. It will also clearly explain when said rejection means that the user can no longer use WhatsApp services.

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Likewise, WhatsApp has ensured that from now on no data from its users will be shared for advertising purposes, neither with third parties nor with other Meta companies such as Facebook. And he confirmed that they will make sure that notifications informing about updates can be dismissed or the review of updates can be delayed, in this way users’ choices will be respected regarding when they want to make a decision about it.