Whatsapp has one of the most interesting security features for users related to the deletion of sent messages. It is a tool that the platform recently incorporated and designated under the name of ‘temporary messages’, which can be permanently deleted after it has been viewed once or after a certain time.

One fact to take into account is that the duration of the messages is not linked to the moment in which the texts or images are read, but rather it begins to run from the moment in which the users receive the message in their device. This can vary from 24 hours to 90 days later.

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The truth is that users can choose the time that this message will remain, in addition to selecting whether they want the activation of temporary messages to be done in all chats or only in those conversations that are selected. If users want to activate in an existing chat, the previous information will be kept within the history and the optional setting will only include texts that are sent after setting it.

To activate these types of conversations with a particular contact, users must enter the chat window and tap on the contact’s name. Once inside the details of the conversation, people will have to click on the Temporary Messages option and set the duration of the message. The system gives you the following options: 24 hours, 7 days or 90 days. All conversations are set to “Off” by default.