WhatsApp listens to its users, which is why it has taken an important step to incorporate one of the most important functions within its platform. It has already been on the platform of its direct competition, the Telegram company, for a long time.

It is a tool that allows people to send messages to themselves, to save notes, files, links, photos and practically anything that can be sent to a WhatsApp chat. Although there are already ways to do this, first you have to go through a small process to achieve it, something that is much simpler on Telegram. And that’s what the company wants to change.

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What will change from now on? WhatsApp will allow quick access to chat with oneself. This will be possible through the application’s contact list, where the option to access your own chat will appear.

This WhatsApp update is now available in beta for Android. We will have to wait a while until the application is updated and has a more global reach.