Whatsapp recently announced the addition of one of the most requested features by users of the application. How many times has it happened to us that we wanted to have certain information at hand or we wrote a message as a draft in some alternative chat that we have?

The truth is that the new tool had already been incorporated by users, previously, who managed to add a function that the messaging giant did not offer them. Many people created groups with other contacts to later eliminate them and leave a chat where only they are, which would serve as a kind of notepad within the app. But the downside was that it was only accessible from the main device, as it was tied to your phone number.

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Now WhatsApp is working on this feature that will allow you to have a chat similar to Telegram’s “Saved Messages”. In principle, it will only be available for the Beta version of WhatsApp Desktop, but the messaging platform also plans to bring it to the Beta versions of Android and iOS in the near future.