Whatsapp has confirmed the new developments that arrive on its platform and that aim to improve the user experience when making video calls. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, has been in charge of confirming these functionalities that will gradually begin to reach everyone. The new features of the app are quite similar to platforms like Zoom or Google Meet.

In principle, WhatsApp will allow up to 32 people to join in the same video call. Also, it will allow you to create links to video calls to be able to share them through WhatsApp or other channels. In this way, meetings can be arranged in advance or facilitate the entry of other participants if the call is already taking place.

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It is important to check that we have the updated application to be able to access these new features. So far there is no exact date for its global launch, but little by little and in a staggered way, users will be able to access it.