The most widely used messaging platform globally has dedicated this year to incorporating a significant number of functions and tools to improve the experience of users who navigate within it. In the next few days, people who have the updated application will be able to start seeing two of the new functions that have recently been incorporated on their cell phones. That is why we recommend that you check if it is updated in its latest version.

The first of the novelties that WhatsApp introduces is a new functionality within the groups, which consists in that from now on you can see the username of those participants who are not scheduled in our contacts. Until now, the app only showed the phone numbers on each user’s messages, but after this update, usernames will become more important.

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The second of the novelties is related to an advantage associated with the function of messages that automatically disappear after a while. WhatsApp has added a shortcut to its app’s storage management menu, giving users the option to save space by using disappearing messages.