WhatsApp announced the arrival of three functions to the application: the possibility of leaving a group “silently”, without the notification reaching all its members, the option to choose who can see that we are “online”, and a functionality that is still in testing and will allow screen capture blocking for single view messages.

The first two functions will reach all users during August, while the screenshot lock is in a trial period and its launch is expected “soon”, the application anticipated on its official blog on Tuesday.

• Leave groups silently: People can leave a group privately, without announcing it. This means that instead of notifying everyone that the person has left, only the administrators will be notified.

• Choose who can see the “online” status: If the person wants to keep their presence private, the app introduced the ability to select who can and cannot see when they are online.

• Screen capture lock for single view messages: Single view is a way to share photos or media files that do not need to have a permanent digital record. WhatsApp will now enable screenshot blocking for these types of single-view messages.