Meta wants to improve the user experience on each of its platforms, which is why it has incorporated endless tools and functions in recent months that respond to each of the requests and problems reported by users. The latest novelty comes from the hand of WhatsApp and it is a radical change in the states.

As has been recently known, the most recent version of WhatsApp Beta introduces the possibility that users can put links in the comments that accompany the images and videos of the States. Until now, it was possible to include text in said comments, but if a link was entered, WhatsApp did not interpret it as such, and therefore the possibility of accessing the linked web page was not given.

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At the moment the version of WhatsApp that introduces these changes is the edition, corresponding to all users adhering to the application’s beta program. It can be downloaded through the PlayStore, once installed, you can see how, when adding a link in the comment text of a Status, WhatsApp will interpret it and make it possible for people who open the status to visit the linked web page.