WhatsApp is headed for a new update whose final objective is to eliminate one of the most controversial restrictions within the messaging application, which has been in it practically since its inception. This is the number of files that can be sent to another user.

Until now it is only possible to share up to thirty different multimedia files at once through a chat, with the new update it will be possible to share up to 100 multimedia files in the same message. The news can be enjoyed in version of WhatsApp Beta for Android, where the multimedia file selection menu gives the option to choose up to 100 files to be sent.

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This is the second time that WhatsApp has increased the number of files that can be sent from the platform. In 2017, the platform increased the limit of multimedia files for the first time, from 10 to 30. Six years later, the company has decided to raise this limit again.

In order to send up to one hundred different files in a WhatsApp message, it will be necessary to download the latest version of WhatsApp available through the beta program. If you are not a member of the program, you just have to wait until the option is available in the stable version of the app.